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GK Parker is an enigmatic man who keeps to the shadows where he writes dark historical fiction which explores the deepest shadows in such places as New York City's most notorious slum, Five Points made infamous by Charles Dickens and police reporter Jacob Riis, whose photographs of the Five Points and the abject poverty the residents -- mostly Irish, Jews and Italians -- lived in. They shared the streets with pigs and diseased cows where 'blue' milk was used by the poorest. disease was rampant in the Points, with cholera and typhoid being the most common.

But Parker's writing is not confined to the east coast. He's also delved into Prohibition in Los Angeles, where the LAPD didn't stop gangsters from setting up business, they got rid of them because they were competition. All major American cities had criminal outfits which made sure the alcohol kept flowing. The LAPD filled that role. It was a time period rich in stories that haven't been told yet.

When not writing or researching, Parker enjoys his Doberman Pinschers, Slik and Jake, traveling, a good brew and hunting. He currently resides in Topanga Canyon. But he's always on the lookout for new places to explore.



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